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Microsys – ULiege



Prof. J.-M.Redouté, Dr. Stoukatch on LIMNI Workshop: The First Belgian Cleanrooms Assembly and Scientific Frontiers, September 13, 2023 Presented Microsys, Liege University to partners.



Dr. Serguei Stoukatch, Senior Scientist, Microsys lab, Liege University, on 48th international conference on Micro and Nano Engineering - Eurosensors (MNE-ES), Leuven, Belgium presented the latest research: "Package design optimization for metal-oxide gas sensors by open-source finite element thermal modeling".

Dr. Serguei Stoukatch, Senior Scientist, Microsys lab, Liege University, on 9th Electronics System-Integration Technology Conference (ESTC 2022), supported by IEEE-EPS in association with IMAPS Europe, Sibiu, Romania, presented the latest research: "Thermal conductivity characterization of an in-house formulated thermal insulating xerogel-epoxy composite adhesive for electronics applications"

December 2020

Microsys Lab Gears Up for Future Assembly Challenges with New Hesse BJ653 Wire Bonder

October 2020

Kick-Off wearIT4covid

Building on wearIT4health results and anticipating potential successive COVID-19 outbreaks, the objective of this INTERREG V-A project will be an optimized monitoring system with an emphasis on the monitoring of COVID-19 patients and an increased TRL level for clinical pilot testing.

Kick-Out wearIT4health

The closure meeting of the INTERREG V-A wearIT4health project took place on October 08 2020 in the form of an online meeting, followed by pitches of companies active in wearables and artificial intelligence for health.


Dr. Serguei Stoukatch, Senior Scientist, Microsys lab, Liege University, on IEEE SENSORS 2020 Conference, October 25-28, 2020 presented the latest research paper.


Anisotropic conductive film & flip-chip bonding for low-cost sensor prototyping on rigid & flex PCB.


March 2019

wearIT4health at HIMSS Europe 2019!

This Tuesday, April 2, Microsys will present the wearIT4health project of which he is coordinator at the event organized by the HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) in the heart of Liège, place du XX août. HIMSS is the world's largest health IT affiliate organization dedicated to informing and advising health professionals about new information technologies in the health field, and offering an unparalleled perspective on what is happening in the world of information technologies in the health and healthcare field in Europe. From 1 to 3 April 2019, the HIMSS will welcome both French-speaking members of the HIMSS French Community and health professionals from its neighbouring countries: France, Holland and Luxembourg. For this second edition of the conference, HIMSS Liege will put patients at the centre of all conversations in order to bring patients and hospitals closer together through new information technologies.

An award for the Mapiu project!

The Mapiu project won the High-Tech Project Award at the IoT Awards 2019. Within the framework of this project, with BizzDev as lead partner, Microsys is developing fully autonomous microsystems for monitoring of goods during transport. The other partners in the project are Triptyk and Cetic.

September 2017

wearIT4health website is launched!

April 2017

wearIT4health kick-off meeting!

Great success for the kick-off meeting of the Interreg wearIT4health project! Following the official presentation by project partners and authorities, a press conference was held. The journalists were particularly interested in the technologies to be developed within the framework of the project.

Communiqué de presse ULg
Le 15e jour du mois - Textiles connectés
SudPresse - Ces textiles connectés qui vont révolutionner la vie des patients

RTC - Un textile connecté pour le monitoring des patients (Vidéo)
RTBF - CHU de Liège: des "t-shirts connectés" au service de la santé
RTBF - Des textiles intelligents pour faire le suivi d'un patient à l'hôpital (Vidéo)
RTL - Le monitoring des patients bientôt assuré par des vêtements médicaux connectés

January 2017

Launch of the wearIT4health project!

Official launch of the wearIT4health project, whose goal is to develop a wearable monitoring device that records vital parameters of hospitalized patients continuously, without intervention of the healthcare staff.
Microsys is the scientific lead partner for this ambitious Interreg project bringing together experts in sensors (Universities of Maastricht and Hasselt), textile substrates (Centexbel), microsystems (Microsys) and algorithms (KU Leuven), but also hospitals where the system will be integrated and tested (azM Maastricht and CHU Liege).

April 2016

OUFTI-1, Successful launch!

Microsys a fourni un support technique pour le design, le micro-assemblage et l’intégration des composants électroniques du nanosatellite. Des formations spécifiques ont été dispensées et la salle blanche a été mise à disposition de l’équipe OUFTI-1.

OUFTI-1, lancement réussi !
OUFTI-1 en orbite

February 2016

Microsys plays a major role in the CE+T Power victory of the Google Little Box Challenge!

Le laboratoire Microsys a traité des aspects relatifs à l’intégration compte tenu des contraintes d’encombrement réduit et d’importantes sources de chaleur dans un environnement confiné. Des techniques novatrices d’intégration ont été élaborées pour répondre au mieux aux défis imposés par un cahier de charges sévère.

Les ingénieurs ULg couronnés avec CE+T par Google